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May 21, 2009

i want to make harem pants!

i made a post about harem pants before, but after tying on the harem pants at h&m today, im convinced that i should make one! the one i sew at h&m was perfect - they were so comfy to wear, and surprisingly, my legs look much slimmer than they really are, i dont know why. they had them in black, gray, khaki and pink/purplish color, for $19 bucks. i know i should just buy them, but considering that i don't spend more than 5 dollars on a piece of clothes recently (except the furla bag), and next year, harem pants may not be in, i couldnt make up my mind. 
so i did some research about how to make harem pants -
this website has a basic draft pattern that i may be able to follow..or this post about making pantaloones   ...
i want to make it in black to start off, not too too puffy one. 
by the way, speaking of pants, i love this blog phi style! she has great pants style! i dont really wear pants, and since i wear and make dresses so much, i almost dont know how to wear pants stylishly... 

all images are downloaded from phistyle.

p.s. the deadline for the white lacy kimono top giveaway is coming up in a week or so! enter to win the top here:)


Karencilla said...

i think you would look great in harem pants!!
I wouldn`t i am too short hahaha

phi s t y l e said...

aww thanks for the email and post! i'm totally flattered!

strangely, this pants thing is new for me - i used to never wear pants, but once i figured out what worked and what didn't, i discovered that pants are easy to wear and can make an ordinary outfit much more chic and put-together.

my tips for pants? i like pants that are highwaisted, preferably with belt loops. makes it easy to tuck shirts into and it elongates your legs!

for drapey pants like harem/drop crotch, i like soft materials - like silk, rayon, linen blends, and some polyester blends. it'll downplay the looseness of the pant when the material lays flatter.

and last, always wear heels!

looking forward to seeing what you come up with and how the harem pants turn out!

chie said...

hi karen, i dont still not sure if i can pull it off. how tall are you? im not that tall either (in american standard, im tall in japanese standard), im 5'4.

phi style, thank u for your comment!
you really do look great on these pants, and you make it interesting and fresh too! whenever i wear pants, i feel like its all same and boring.

im also a bit scared of high waist stuff, especially high waist pants!

thanks for the advice!!!

Karencilla said...

Ohh i am 5'3" !!! hahaha i am small i think that's why i loove heels.

chie said...

oh, not so much different from me then:)