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March 18, 2009

harem pants

i just read a blog post about harem pants by painfullyhip
i've been seeing harem pants here and there, and also in my favorite japanese magazines. i think harem pants can be very chic if you wear it in a right way, but can look extremely lame if you miss it. i asked my husband andy what he thought about the pants. he said "those are for middle eastern, not for us. of course they don't look right!" ......

i might not be able to pull off harem pants that drapes till knees, but maybe this harem jumper might look right on me.. it looks really cute on the model. 

image downloaded from missmars


Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

Sammy has a pari of these harem's also a jumpsuit kinf od like this picture. She pulls i off. I'm kind of surprised you like them. I sort of can't imagine you wearing them?! You seem to classic for that? But hey, Sammy looked could too!

chie said...

i know im not harem pants type... but for some reasons, i like them! they look comfy. i can so see sammy wearing them and pulling it off perfectly!