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May 22, 2009

secretary outfit

i just wore a regular secretary outfit today for work - kind of boring, but fitted to work i guess.
i made this little black dress for christmas party at work last year. i havent been wearing it since, but realized that it is perfect for work!

still trying to catch up with whole sale orders, and havent been able to post anything new on my etsy shop. hopefully soon i can post some new summer stuff!

dress: handmade
cardigan: banana republic
shoes: bought at a local shop, called eternity for $5
bag: furla


Akazukin said...

Classy outfit. I still can't believe the deal you got with those shoes. Are they comfortable?

chie said...

hi akazukin chan, yes, surprisingly! they have thick heals and round toes, so they dont hurt as much:) i might have to go get the different color as well! they had one in mustard color too.

DaisyChain said...

Loveeeeeee the dress

chie said...

thanks laura!!

Naoko said...

chie, these photos are better than other by the window photos!