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May 20, 2009

stripe today

i just made this last night. im making a couple of things for a place in WI, called Brilliant Stranger. the shop owner, Dawn has a great shop on etsy too! she creates clothing out of vintage clothes or thrifted clothes, and turns them into completely unique and new.

this super mini stripe dress (or tunic) comes with a matching scarf:)

i used not to like stripe at all, but now i like it a lot!

two more to go!


shani levi said...

The combination between the scarf ans the tunic is so gorgeous !

Karencilla said...

you look so pretty i love the stripes.

hey thanks for the comment! i wish i could be a chef!

chie said...

hi shani levi, i like making scarfs! they are easy and fun:)

karen, even if you dont become a chef, you will be a great wife! everyone loves home made meals.