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February 8, 2011

Spring Collection Preview

I hope you are not sick of me talking about the Spring collection and photo shoot because here is another post! I promise I have other topics that I will be posting on soon :)

Anyway, the collections mood shots are not ready yet, but here is a preview of my mini Spring collection on body form. More detailed photos are posted on my flickr set, here.

I came up with three different dress designs: Sweet heart cut out dress, Choker dress and Front cross dress. All three dresses have focus on unique necklines. A few months ago I was working out at the gym and, (as you may know if you're a workout freak like me) while hitting the treadmill, random thoughts come and go. I was thinking about how, in the near future, I won't be able to wear a necklace.  This is because once I have the baby, my new darling will want nothing more than to pull, play and chew my neck wear. While thinking about this coming difficulty, it dawned on me, how about a dress that focuses on a particular neck detail that acts almost like a necklace!

These dresses were also inspired by my husband's comment about how he loves chokers on women. He kept saying that I should design something that has choker-like wrap around in the neck. He even drew some pictures to describe what he meant...well this was almost two years ago, but I finally put that into a shape.

Although these dresses are not suited for nursing, I'm pretty happy with what I came up!
So my inspiration came out from some practical point of view - where do you usually draw inspirations from?

I only posted Gingham check sweet heart cut out dress on my shop now, but the rest will be uploaded through out this week. 


Unknown said...

I love your designs!
They are so beautifull And classy!It's amazing that you make such wonderfull things! I'm very jealous! =)

Miss Jackson said...

Oh my gosh, the gingham dress is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE checks, and the belt and the full skirt... wow!

Forgotten Fancies said...

They are so lovely! I don't know which one I like more. You've done a anazing job!!

Unknown said...

They are beautiful and I love your inspiration. I especially like the front cross dress <3.
I'm sure they will sell out in no time!

hana.k said...

Lovely! These would be great for people (like me) who aren't into accessorizing, it'll still look put together as an outfit.
Looking forward to the results of your shoot!

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

thank you so much everyone!! xoxo