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February 9, 2011

Inspiration: Rachel Antonoff S/S Look Book

What a fun, and different lookbook! Sheet music, piano, trumpet, bed and stuffed animals are such cute ideas.

I love the red shorts, with white piping (or bias tape?) detail. Piping in contrasting color is something that I want to incorporate in my clothing this coming seasons.


Miss Jackson said...

Love the books as a background...great colours!

Paunnet said...

I like the setting more than the clothes, but that collar shape is so unique and beautiful!

Natalie said...

I LOVE the dress that the girl sitting on the bed is wearing!

vivatveritas said...

hi everyone! thank you for your comments:)

its a really fun setting for the photos right!? if i have a chance to shoot indoor sometime, i want to do something like this!

music lessons Mississauga said...

seems, the books is not only background for her
you look like real actress