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January 10, 2011

Saturday date in Machida and thrift shopping

Hi! I hope everyone's weekend was nice and relaxing. My husband and I went out a little date on Saturday to a city called Machida. It's close to where we live and has two fabric shops that I like, Yuzawaya and Okadaya. Besides going to fabric shops and grabbing a bite, we stopped by at a thrift shop called "390". Literally everything they have is 390 yen (about less than $4). I like the shop because they actually have vintage clothing imported from the U.S. and Europe, not just someone's old clothes from GAP. Besides vintage clothes, they have new scarves, i-phone case shaped like candy bar, head phones and other cute goodies.

There I found this 70's (maybe 80's? tag was removed) dress. I love the dusty pale pink color, bat/dolmen sleeves and, peplum, but the dress seems to be able to use some tweaking.

So I removed the shoulder pads, shorten the length, and added lining for the skirt part.
It's kind of hard to see the difference between before & after in the photos, but I like after version much better, and I think it's more wearable!


Samantha said...

It's so great that you can alter clothes yourself!


Forgotten Fancies said...

I LOVE the pleats at the front. And your before and after shot is hilarious :) LOVE!

flower girl dresses Toronto said...

a master-hand:)
well done

Lisa said...

So pretty. I love the colour. You are glowing!

Erin Cathleen said...

I love that dress! My mom had a similar one in the '80s, so that's when I think it's from. It looks so much better after you altered it! And that color is great on you. :)

vivatveritas said...

thank you everyone! its so much fun to fix up vintage dresses to make them look a bit more modern! xx

Kaitlyn Dreyling said...


taxi Toronto said...

how long have you making that?

human joint models said...

I guess it was not easy

children photographer Toronto said...

any hand work is not easy
it was fascinating
well done!