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January 7, 2011

Buying fabric online for the first time

I bought fabric online this week, for the first time in my life. I know, I've been sewing and selling my clothes online for over 2 years now, but I had never purchased fabrics online before. I always went to fabric stores, touch the fabrics as much as I want before I decide to buy it. Fabric shopping is one of the most crucial parts of my creating process, since I come up with so many new ideas for new clothes while I'm staring and touching different fabrics at the shop.

This week, I finally decided to buy fabrics online, since I found a good online shop in Japan, where it offers free shipping for order above 3000 yen (30 dollars). I also felt a bit lazy to go all the way to Nippori fabric district this week, simply because it has been so cold here! It hasn't snowed yet so I should not complain, but the air is icing cold. I truly miss Summer!

Here is what I bought online:

from left to right:

1. black cotton jersey
2. black white and red plaid wool
3. grayish white cotton jersey
4. pink jersey (?) although it doesnt have much stretch. mix of cotton and poly. percentage unknown
5. animal print for baby clothes

As a conclusion, I'm pretty satisfied with fabrics I received. The service was great, I received my order within two days, which I think is pretty good. Online fabric shopping will come really handy once the baby is born, when I will have less time to travel & carry around heavy fabrics in train.

One drawback to this experience was that I could not expect how much stretch the fabrics had. Some of my orders were jersey, but #4 pink jersey wasn't really jersey. It has very minimal stretch, and I was a bit disappointed because I intended to use the fabric to make T-shirt type stuff.

Do you online shop fabrics much? Any tips or advice on how to get what you are really looking for without feeling the fabrics?


Cindora said...

Lots of online-shops offer a service to send you fabric-samples, Small enough to send it per envelope how much it cost depends on the store. Very often you only have to pay the envelope. So I would ask the onlineshops :)
I buy in online-shops when my local Store doesn't have what I want or much more expensive than in onlineshop. But mostly I can't wait, because when I bought fabric I want to start sewing and I hate the time of waiting :D

catering services Toronto said...

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kaye said...

wow, I'm going to show my sister this post. She makes her own stuff and sometimes finds it difficult to buy fabric in stores. Great post!!

vivatveritas said...

>cindra getting samples...i didnt think of that! thats a great idea if im in no rush to get the fabric! :)

>kaye your sister has the opposite problem as me:) i wonder how she got comfortable buying fabrics on line..

Anonymous said...

I cannot decide myself to buy fabric online. Even if I hate going to fabric stores in Paris because it is always too crowded, I still prefer touch a fabric before buying it.