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January 11, 2011

Early Valentine's Day gift guide

I feel like time flies, just a month ago we had Christmas, and now I'm talking about Valentine's day! Have you decided what you'd like to give to your boyfriend/husband? I have an idea, but can't share it here since my husband might find out what I'm going to give him, if he reads this post. So instead, I made a list of things that I've been eyeing to get for my self. They are all from etsy!

Top: Hanamik DSLR lense cap case, Bottom right: Valentine's day soup, Bottom left: Imyourpresent valentine's day cardi

I also made some Valentine's day themed stuff for my shop. It was really fun coming up with ideas with Valentine's day theme in mind. I added pink heart applique for the red lounge wear, and red heart patch pockets for the pink PJ set. Oops, excuse my belly button!

Valentine's day PJ gift set

American Valentine's day and Japanese Valentine's day are much different - In Japan, Valentine's day is a day girls confess their love to their loved ones. So much pressure and effort required on girls. When my husband and I started dating when we were in college, my husband took me to a dinner and Broadway musical in NYC on our first Valentine's day, and I was thrilled! So different from Japanese Valentine's day. Since then, in our household we abide by American Valentine's day rules..


hana.k said...

Aw thanks for featuring my item! :) & LOL at the belly button thing, mine totally pokes out too, it is SO WEIRD since I'm originally an innie.

Your loungewear looks like it'd be great for nursing, does the fabric pull to the side?

I think I much prefer the American V-day too!

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

> hana

i love your DSLR lense cap case! I need it for myself very badly. i always feel like im going to loose the cap!

the loungewear pulls to the side, and its quite comfortable because the fabric is stretchy. i didn't intend for the nursing, but that's actually a great idea!