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January 27, 2011

28 weeks

28 weeks! I officially started the third trimester of pregnancy. It's crazy! Everything is going so fast. Not much change from last week..just having some sleeping problems time to time. I don't sleep well 2 nights out of 3. I wake myself up trying to change sleeping position...

So I'm wearing my first self-made maternity clothes! I did not intend it to be maternity dress, but it turned out the dress is so comfortable and has some slimming effect because I used black jersey for skirt part. I made this to be part of my mini Spring collection, and the photos on models (not pregnant) will be up soon! But in the meantime, you can see more pictures on mannequin on my flickr page here. It will be available in white &black and solid black.

I like the dress because I know I will be able to continue wearing it even after the birth..I'm just not a big fan of some Japanese maternity dresses, that makes you look obviously pregnant and shapeless.. like this one or this one.

Last week, I spent one night sewing up two little baby girl's dresses - aren't they cute?! I love how they turned out! I simply used some left over fabrics from making adult clothes, and I thought it was a great way to use up my left over fabric stash.

I used the pattern downloaded from a Japanese website, called Handmade no Kokoro. They have many patterns download for free in pdf file. If you are used to using BurdaStyle patterns, it will not be a problem figuring out how to use them. The only thing to note is to add seam allowances. I used pattern no. 12 dress for these dresses.


Cylia said...

how cool you can put stuff on your belly and it won't fall:) congrats on 28 weeks pregnancy:) still 3 months to go right? a beautiful time if ahead of you:) lovely.

Novita said...

That's the prettiest maternity dress I've ever seen!
I love using my belly as a 'table' when I was pregnant. When I'm eating on the couch, I put my plate there :D
Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, Chie!

Casey said...

You are quiet possibly the cutest pregnant lady ever. ;) I really love the dress you made. The thing that "scares" me about a lot of maternity clothes is they are either shapeless sacks or so skin tight that you see everything. Your dress strikes a great balance between the two--plus it's got that neckline detail that is so unique! And those little dresses... So sweet!

♥ Casey

hana said...

You look great & I love the dress! I've been searching for dresses I could wear now and after baby is here and yours looks perfect. I wonder how long it would take to get here if I ordered it...

I love resting stuff on my bump. I know I'm going to miss it and feel weird without a place to rest my hands now.

Carolyn said...

This is an adorable maternity dress! When I was pregnant I made a lot of my own clothes too... but that was a while ago!
Congratulations, and I hope all goes well with you and your baby!
And thankyou for your kind comment on my blog!

Paunnet said...

That's really flattering on you, and I bet it'll be even cuter after the baby is born.
The little dresses are just adorable! Your baby will be as stylish as her mum!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, those little dresses are adorable. :) I'm sure making those made you even more excited about having a girl! As always, you look amazing.

THE CHEAP said...

Cute blog!


Erin Cathleen said...

That dress is super cute! It would flatter just about anyone, but you model it so well. :) And congrats on your 28 weeks!

Taylor said...

congrats (sry a little late)!!!!! thats great... happy for ya.. love the pics and the new additions...
wish ya the best!!!

have a great day!!
good luck getting some sleep

vivatveritas said...

> cylia

i know! my pants dont fall off..its kind of funny. yes, i still have 2 months and 3 wks to go!

> novita

haha im not quite at the point of using it as a table, but soon i will im sure!
remember i complained once about my body image? i think im getting over that, and having fun with my big belly:) lol


thank you! i feel the same way about the maternity clothes - japanese maternity clothes are way too shapeless, and some american ones are too tight, you can see the belly button sticking out;p


i've been thinking of designs that i can wear both now and after the birth, when i breast feed. maybe a dress with some front buttons to open up easily? pls let me know if you have any thoughts on this!

the dress is not listed on etsy yet, but if you'd like, its available for made to order now, and i can ship it out within a week. :)

miamoonlove said...

wow, what great maternity outfits! and the baby clothes are soo cute already, thanks for sharing! being a mom is such an honour.

Liza A. said...

Oh, you are one gorgeous mama!! And love the preggy dress and the little girl dress :)

KAM Avenue said...

Really nice dress!

Samantha said...

They are super cute! You're so talented!


yoshimi said...

You are certainly the most beautiful pregnant lady I've ever seen in my life. Pretty dress! You know what suit you.

vivatveritas said...


thank you! its fun to be able to make something that fits my body..unlike buying at a store:)


thank you:) im happy that its a girl in that sense, i will very much enjoy dressing her up!


it was really fun making the little girls dresses, and so much easier than making adult ones!!

>erin & taylor

thank you so much both!

Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

So nice to see you in a dress that shows off your belly! I love watching how big she gets!! xo