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December 6, 2010

Using scraps and making pretty little things

Here are some small things I made using scraps and left over yarns.

This bunny ear (or bow) headband is very easy to make and actually quite comfortable to wear. I get headaches from headbands depending on what kind, but this one, you can adjust the tightness with the wire inside. You only need 33inches long fabric. I used a left over fabric from a dress I made before.
I found this crochet lace while I was in Philly in November. I bought 10 yards of it since it was so pretty!

These two headbands below were made from a left over yarn I used for the fingerless gloves.
I simply did a couple rows of single crochet and decorated with scalloped hem for Beige Crochet Wide Headband.
I made 3 single crochet ropes, braided them and attached elastic bands in the back to make the Beige Crochet Braided Headband below.
My first attempt to make turban! I saw turbans all over the fashion blogs lately. It is very very simple to make. Just make sure to use stretchy fabric, and the variation is endless!
P.S. Thank you sooo much for all the comments, advise, and encouragement to my 20 weeks post. I'm sorry I came off so negative and whiny. I swear I'm not like that everyday!
I read all the comments and love reading them. Sorry for not responding individually. I'll write more for 21 weeks post. Thank you!! xoxo


Pollita's said...

Those are awesome !!! You look so pretty with your belly !!

fashion brick road said...

so cute and cleaver! I never think of using scraps to make accessories, but what a good idea :)

Emily said...

Great ideas for scraps!