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November 7, 2010

JJ shirt dress and bumble bee hat

Hi! Weekend is here! We've had a wonderful sunny weather this weekend. My husband, I and our friends took a day trip to a place called Miyagase-ko, which is close to Atsugi in Kanagawa prefecture. It was a fun spot with some street vendors, hiking course and beautiful lake. We went there to "hike", but ended up climbing a mountain called "Takatori-yama", that is 700 meters high. When we started the hiking course, we did not realize that we would be climbing a mountain!
It was beautiful, and also hell of a workout. I don't remember climbing a mountain since my high school school trip, but this might going to be my new hobby. It was really fun.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Here are some sewing projects that I worked on over last week.
The one on the top is a shirt dress I made based on JJ pattern from BurdaStyle. I like to use the same pattern several times and make different variations.. You can see my other JJ variations here and here.
This time, I simply lengthen the shirt pattern to turn it into a dress. I also lengthen the sleeves too, to make them 3/4 cropped sleeves.
It came out rather too simple for my liking, and I wish I added some accents to it, maybe front ruffles.. oh well maybe next time. It is great for laying though!

The bottom is another hat. I love making hats! So simple and fun, and I love playing with different fabrics. It's reversible, and the combination of stripes and mustard yellow reminds me of a bumble bee:)


sertyan said...

Hey your stomach's showing from the first pic! Hehe. Congratulations again! Every week it's a joy experiencing your new changing body.. :)

vivatveritas said...

>sertyan you are right, it is showing a bit! time to buy a form body for the shop!