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October 7, 2010

Guest blog post on the Cupcake Goddess

Remember I wrote about Sunni from the Cupcake Goddess and how I had to read all her blog posts in one day? She also wrote a guest blog post here yesterday. Today, Sunni kindly let me write for her blog. Check it out here, along with some pictures of my JJ blouse variation.


Emily said...

What a lovely interview. I really like your modified jj blouse. Most of my fabric purchases haven't been driven by a specific project. However, now that I have a few bins full of fabric, I'm trying to use them up and only buy new fabrics with a specific project in mind.

vivatveritas said...

thank you emily! i totally hear you - sometimes i buy too much fabrics as me being fabric addict, so i have to revisit my fabric bin and come up with ways to make stuff out of them! its kind of fun to do that though:) xx