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November 9, 2010

17 weeks

17 weeks now. My belly started to show a bit, and some of my clothes no longer fit comfortably. I can't wear my regular jeans any more, although I've never been a big jeans person, so thank God that I don't miss those much. I'm glad I look like I have a baby bump now, instead of looking like a girl who ate too much lunch:)

I went to get my ultrasound done last Friday, and the baby is doing very well. He moves around a lot, showing us different poses..even the nurse was surprised how much he moved!
One great thing about Japanese doctor is that they do ultrasound once a month at the visit, even more when you get closer to the due date. My friend who lives in the U.S. envied me since she only got hers done a couple of times. The doctor I go to even video tape it for you with a DVD, so I can show my family later.

By the way, I keep referring my baby "he", but I haven't found out the sex yet. I though I would, last Friday, but the doctor told me to wait another month. I call the baby he because I think I'll have a baby boy. My husband's mom had 4 boys and his grandmother had 3 boys, so I feel like I'm destined to have boys also. But you never know! It might be a girl, and I would be happy with either.

I have some pet names for the baby, and one of them is "Ringo chan". Ringo means apple in Japanese. According to some pregnancy websites, the baby is now a size of an apple. So I call him ringo chan.

Today I wanted to share the pregnancy related blogs that I follow - I think many of them already gave birth, and it's also great to see the baby's photos and what they make for the baby.

adored austin: Indiana had a baby boy in October 2010. Her post about "what not to wear: pregnancy edition" was just awesome!
Dear Baby: Melissa had a baby girl, and the blog has wonderful photos.
Bleubird Vintage: She had a baby girl, Gemma, about 3 months ago. I love her vintage pregnancy style, and her blog was the one that got me motivated to record my pregnancy as well. Also love her "What we wore" posts.
Pacing the Panic Room: I really enjoyed reading her "walk to 40 weeks" series.
mairuru: I just found out about this blog through one reader's comment (Thanks SH!). Mai is a wonderful crafter and she has an adorable etsy shop, called "siesta". She made all kinds of baby items for her daughter.

Do you have any other recommendations? Please let me know so I can add to my reading list!


Samantha Nandez said...

I'm so excited for you!!

hana said...

Mine is a personal blog so there are a lot of pregnancy related posts as I'm 23 weeks. :)

It's fun to see how other pregnant bloggers are doing!

Little Boy Suits said...

I wish it would be a girl. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading this blog - - she's about to give birth to her first baby boy.

Birdie said...

The only recommendation I have is that fantastic little tute-I-can't-find where you cut off the waistband of your jeans and replace it with a snug fitting tee shirt. I was really little (like smaller than they made maternity clothes for at the time, at least as was available in my tiny town) and this was such a saving bit of sewing. I actually preferred them greatly to the ones I managed to purchase for the next pregnancy.

vivatveritas said...

you have an awesome blog! i love your weekly belly pics:) i added your blog to my "favorite links", under pregnancy:)

vivatveritas said...

>little boy suits
since this is my first, im happy with either! i think it would be so much fun to make baby girl's clothes though!

vivatveritas said...

thank you for the recommendation! wow, she is about to give birth! its fun to see her progress:)

vivatveritas said...

>birdie that's a great idea. and that way i can control how tight the waist band should be too. thank you!!

Eule said...

great look