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July 19, 2010

Chie's sister sews - maxi dress

Inspired by "Juebejue's Dad Sews" post by Petite Republic, I'm posting about my sister's creation. Unfortunately, my dad is not as crafty and cool as Juebejue's dad, but my sister loves sewing and DIYing as much as I do!

My sister is 4 years younger, but sometimes people think we are twins. We do look a like, and we are pretty much the same size, I'm a bit taller than her, which is great, because I can borrow her clothes (and she can borrow mine).

She made this maxi dress with the fabric she got from Hong Kong. Apparently, there is a huge fabric market there. Hong Kong is definitely in my list of to-go place.
She made the dress based on the Japanese magazine, called "Female". The magazine is about 840 yen, which is about $9 US dollars. The magazine comes with a lot of patterns, and tips about sewing.


Naoko said...

I love the fabric!!!!!

petiterepublic said...

hahaha awesome! :D she does look very very much like you! in fact, when i first saw the photo i thought, oooh chie made another dress!

Taylor said...

i love the dresses...especially in the summer...perfect for any occasion! :)


vivatveritas said...

>naoko thanks! i miss u!!

>juebejue hehe i imitated you! she made more stuff, so this is going to be a series!

>taylor thank you!