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July 20, 2010

Yakuza's wife

After Lasik surgery, I was not in the state of modeling clothes for my shop - my eyes were watery and no make up was allowed. So I begged my sister to model for me. I wish she was as corporative as she was yesterday all the time! Most of the time, she refuses to model my clothes. I much prefer taking pictures of the clothes on someone else than myself!

When I first showed her the fabric I bought, her reaction was, "ya...Yakuza's wife? You want to pretend to be a Yakuza's wife?". I guess Japanese people think tiger = Yakuza-ish. I wouldn't have gone for this fabric if it were not for this color scheme - black and white. If there were any other colors in it, I think it would be too much. But since it's monotone, it balances out with the unique print of tiger and cherry blossom...I think.

This season, I have a tendency to pick out quirky print with different animals on it, like crab print, because I'm so influenced by Miu Miu collection.


Samantha Nandez said...

I love the print! And the high waist skirt is very cute.

countrygirlcouture said...

Very cute! I love the print, and the back cut-out is very sexy. :-) Makes me wish I were the size I was pre-kiddo, because then I would already own this dress! :-)

petiterepublic said...

awww, so cute! love that back! i possibly need to copy you again ;)

vivatveritas said...

>sam and countrygirl

thank you! glad you like the tiger print!

oh please do copy! :) i want to see your version!