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July 19, 2010

Two dresses: floral and stripes

Hello! Here are two dresses that I made about a month ago and added to my shop.
You might have seen similar dresses in my shop before, but I really like the crossed front detail. I think the design accommodates different bust sizes, and I, who have a flat chest, do not have to feel too embarrassed about not having any boobs with this design.

The floral print below is from my mother's sewing box. I am not sure what she intended to use it for, it was sitting there forever so I took it:p Since the print is pretty bright mix of color (red, pink and yellow), I didn't want to use the print for the entire dress. I wanted to balance it out with white to tone down the bright floral print. Then I added two belt loops on the side, and a sash.

I personally like the stripe dress better, just because this is so comfortable. The top part is made out of cotton stretchy jersey, and I lined the entire top part with the same fabric, so it is not sheer. The back is opened in big V, and you can wear it with camisole to cover the back, or bandeau bra.
These dresses are both knee length for someone who is around 5"5' (165cm), so they are great for work with a jacket on!

I got Lasik done this weekend! My eyes were very bad, I was legally blind without glasses or contacts. Now I see everything clearly! I was a bit scared before the surgery, but I am very glad that I got it done.


Samantha Nandez said...

Very cute cuts! I love the shapes and angles. Well done :D

Anonymous said...

The blue striped one is my favorite, it's very cute!

verypurpleperson said...

I remember the first dress, it's my favourite! And congratulations on the lasik, it must feel great without glasses or contacts, maybe I should think about doing it too! ^^

Taylor said...

I would so wear these!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE EM