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February 4, 2010

Stitch n Bitch in Shibuya

This photo is terribly blurry since it was taken in a dim light, and I think I only made it worse by turning the picture into black and white setting... Oh well. I like this picture because we look like we are having a lot of tun, and Kayo and I did in fact, at Tokyo Stitch & Bitch meet up in Shibuya, Respekt cafe on Tuesday night.

Stitch & Bitch is a crochet and knitting meet up group that meets every week. You can bring your own project, have some drink and dinner, and chat with other girls. I've signed up for it a while ago but did not have a courage to go by myself, but this time I followed Kayo.

It was really fun, and I think this is a great way to meet other crafters if you live in Tokyo area! I was quite impressed by everyone's knitting & crocheting skills too.

Respekt cafe, where they meet, is a bit far from Shibuya station, but really nice and cozy inside. Also the food was great - I ordered some Thai rice, and it was delicious:)


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Martwa Marta said...

fi have never heard that sombody could organise a meeting like this in my country. well, sounds interesting. however, i'm not skillful enough. my mum tried to teach me knitting, but it always turned out to be a disaster, eh. like this photo very much!

vivatveritas said...

oh spam...

hi martwa, you might have stitch n bitch meet up in your country too! it sounds like they have different locations:)

FashionJazz said...

This sounds interesting, hope u have a lovely day xx