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February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day - Free shipping!

I'm offering a free domestic and international shipping for all the orders received between now to February 14th (Japan time).
To receive the discount, please enter the code "Valentine VV" to "message to the seller" box when checking out, or if you want the invoice adjustment before hand, just send me a message!
The link to my shop is here♥

Any special plans for the Valentine's day? In Japan, Valentine's day is a bit different from the one in the States. Valentine's day here is a girl's love confession day. If you have a boyfriend or husband, then girls give chocolate and gift to their guys. For those guys who does not receive chocolate from the ones they love, we even have a thing called "Giri Choco", which means "obligation chocolate". Obligation chocolates literally means chocolates given to male co-workers or friends out of obligation.
Anyways, my husband and I agreed on doing the Valentine's day in American way. So I get some gift! :p


Samantha Nandez said...

Wow, so technically only guys get gifts? That's interesting! My beau would love that, hehe. I hope you enjoy your American V-day celebration :D

vivatveritas said...

hi sam!
yup, and we also have a thing called "white day" on march 14th. that's the day guys respond to girls' love confession! and they are supposed to give them candies.

this is a big scheme of the snack companies!