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February 5, 2010

Gift for myself

Wearing: Vintage 70s dress, thrifted cardigan, payless booties,
coat I got 5 years ago in Japan, and Bally bag.

Last week, I went out to Ginza (it's like 5th Ave. in NY) with my high school friend. I knew what I wanted to get, and was glad to have found it on 50% off sale! I bought this Bally bag as a gift for myself...what's the occasion? Well, Christmas bonus from my job, plus, having 100th sale for my etsy shop. I usually feel terribly bad for spending a big money on clothes, and I rarely do it, but for some reasons, I can justify spending money on bags. How crazy is that..

By the way, I was in right timing for the Rebecca Minkoff project at TweetMyBag. By posting a picture of your favorite bag at TweetMyBag, you get 25% Rebecca Minkoff bags and enter a style giveaway from Rebecca, and of course I entered it:) Liebemarlene Vintage and KeikoLynn made lovely posts about their bags in their blogs as well.

I was in terrible mood this morning, so I threw on my favorite dress. I knew it would help my mood and it did. I auctioned this off at Market Publique for 20 bucks! And the color, pattern, fit... just about everything is perfect with this dress. I'm ashamed to say that that was my very first time to purchase clothes online. The whole time I'm selling clothes online, I had not bought clothes online until a couple of months ago. But after that experience, I realized shopping clothes online gets pretty addictive..sometimes you can just lost in worldwide web, browsing through all the pretty things that you could buy.


::HARUNA:: said...

i have a bad obsession with bags/purses, too! and shoes, clothes,,, the list goes on... ha!

yes, why is buying things online so addictive?!

bianca said...

i love your bag and your dress.

vivatveritas said...

hi haruna san!

shopping online gets addictive since there are limitless amount of clothes online! if you go to a store, you only see what the store has, but with online, it's just infinite..

Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

I love it! I totally hear your shopping online! I haven't bought clothes, but I bought shoes and a bag. Now I am just constantly looking at what I could possibly buy - not a good thing! I'll send you links to sale sites.

vivatveritas said...

thanks kaitlyn! i got the e-mail!

Vijay Kakde said...

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