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February 27, 2010

ethnic print maxi and scarf

I had this crazy idea of walking a marathon length distance from home to some part in tokyo on friday night with Andy, just for the fun of it. I really wanted to execute the idea, but with strong wind and rain last night, it didn't happen. Instead, we rented the 2nd season of Lost, and watched at home.

Here is creation 5-6 from ten dollar challenge... I really like this maxi. Since I love this print, I wanted to make it in a design that showed the print. With the left over fabric, I made a scarf to go with.

Oh as to the side braids, thank you all for the advise/comments:) I'll try the braids and post up some pics here soon..:)

1 comment:

LoliTa said...

amazing print i LOVE it!