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February 25, 2010

Side braids

I saw girls with side braids all over the place from pictures of New York Fashion week (Alexander Wang, especially!), and bloggers like Song of Styles and Late Afternoon. I think side braids is a chic as well as practical way to put your hair together. I really want to do it myself too, but I personally think side braids look better on blond or any kind of dyed hair, than plain black like mine... Any advise on how to put the braids together nicely even with a jet black hair, or should I just dye my hair??


Erin Cathleen said...

I love side bangs too, especially the ones shown at Alexander Wang. But I disagree that they look best with blonde hair; I think braids (or most styles, really, from bangs to super-straight strands)look best with jet black hair. I dyed my hair dark for a while and I looooved it. So you shouldn't feel like you need to dye your hair to rock this look (unless, of course, you want to!). Just give it a try! :)

Ophelia.k said...

Why don't you try hair extension with some bright colors? I tried it once, and maintenance wasn't that hard.
But I found this picture, and it looks cute. What do you think?

Rūta said...

It's a very great look and I don't think it's about color, you just need long and quitr thick hair.

Samantha Nandez said...

I think jet black hair is gorgeous! You should try the side braid, post pics, and take a vote :D I bet it looks a lot better than you think ;)

littlecottondresses said...

leave it jet black, just make sure your hair is shiny!

I wouldn't recommend dyeing or highlighting unless you can keep up with the maintenance.

Katrina said...

I love them too, though they never look that cute on me. I can't do it anymore though my top layers got cut way shorter then they were suppose to, and they stick out. Black hair would look great in a braid.