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January 27, 2010

Alexander Wang

To be honest, Alexander Wang's collection did not do anything for me before. 2010 Spring RTW was just way too sporty for me, and I could not understand why all the fashion bloggers were praising him to death. His designs seem way too simple and lack the feminine details, and also it's not like I can buy them since his dresses are like $400 a piece Well, I was proven to be wrong.. I saw these dresses today and love these! Love the simple cut, and the twisted detail in the shoulder strap. I would love to have this, but it's $435...darn it.
Rib twist dress from

I like the combination of light denim and white in this one. Perfect for working girl!
Rumi from Fashion Toast has a great giveaway of Alexander Wang bag. Entry is from here, but there are already more than 1000 entries... :(


WM said...



Samantha Nandez said...

That black dress is just marvelous! Wow

vivatveritas said...

completely agree! just stunning.. wang..

Bluefemme said...

I love his simple classic designs. Thank God most of his clothes don't fit me well. I'm a bit too small.

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Martwa Marta said...

i like this black dress, but i presume it is terribly expensive - but is it worth this price? i don't think so...
alos, i like your blog and the photos you take are amazing!