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January 30, 2010

Saturday brownies

So today, Andy and I got up late, well, late means 8:30am for us, since we are getting old, we naturally get up relatively early even on Saturday. I sewed a bit, and baked yummy brownies, and went to see Kayo. We had a great time chatting and eating her delicious hamburger together for about 5 hours! She and her husband showed me how to use photoshop. I do have a photoshop in my computer, but besides making a small animation for this blog, I haven't been able to utilize it well. They showed me how to bring up color, erase pimples, and what not. Below is the photo after photoshop. I think it looks a lot better than the original one, here.
This dress is a new addition to my shop, along with this secretary dress in orange floral. Sometimes, when I make things, I don't end up with 100% satisfying result. However, this dress, I really like it very much. It is perfect for work, yet keep you super comfortable. I made the skirt part with thick jersey fabric so it's easy to move around. I like the look of high waisted knee length skirt for work, but I always find my self keep tucking in a shirt, and it's so annoying! So I just connected the cross over shirt with high waisted skirt, and the problem is solved:)


littlecottondresses said...

I really like it very much as well! Care to show a close-up of the shoulder details? I'd like to see how it's made.

Samantha Nandez said...

I adore this dress! And it would be perfect for a work/office environment.

Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

i like it!!
beautiful like always

Anonymous said...

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Alex Dom said...

chic outfit!

vivatveritas said...

> littlecottondresses,

check out my flikr page for more photos of shoulder details! :)

Erin Cathleen said...

Gorgeous! I just love this look. I'm dying to wear something like it. And your photo definitely looks better with a few tweaks! Love the pop of color. Photoshop is addictive. o_O

Karin said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!