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January 25, 2010

You can totally wear summer clothes in winter too!

I've been slacking off lately and taking photos of creations at home. I know there is a better lighting outside, but I just can't get myself together to do a photoshoot outside now. Too cold!

Here is a little maxi dress I made last week for the shop. I made myself one in brown (slightly different design) before, and been wearing a lot, regardless of the weather. In summer, I wear it by itself, but right now, I pair it with a chunky sweater cardigan, short jacket, neckwarmer and sometimes earmuffs. I also wear thick leggings inside when I go out.

I really should have gotten more of this fabric. For some reasons, I only got 2 meter of it:(
I love this blue color, with some kind of ethnic print all over. I got this in Nippori.
I got this faux-leather jacket before New Year. It was 50% off! But a week later, my sister got the same one in brown, for 75% off! I should have waited a week longer to buy! Oh well...


RubyTed said...

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with that dress!! *goes to look at how much money is in bank.....damn...*

RubyTed said...

I might not eat for a week, but I have to have that dress!! I look forwards to receiving it! (I think the addresses are different...could you send it to the Newmarket address please...otherwise it'll go to my mum's and she'll steal it)

Ali xx

Rūta said...

the dress is very beautiful, nice fabric.
and yeas, I do wear summer clothes in winter: I pair flowered, bright or light skirts and short sleeved dresses with cosy cardigans, wool tights, heavy long boots, warm scarves.

Yifen said...

Hey! I love the dress, especially the toned down color. It gives a homey feeling :)
Whenever I wear summer clothes out in the winter, my mother tells me I'm wearing too little, but hey, nothing a good pair of leggings can't fix!

Polished Sense said...

I agree with your title!

Fabulous job :D


Anonymous said...
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vivatveritas said...

>ruby ted, thanks so much! i shipped your item yesterday. hope you'll get it soon!

>ruta, wool tights and boots! that surely keeps you warm:)

>yifen, aw, my mom's like that too. she always has something to say about my clothing choice. hehe

>jessica, thank you!!

RubyTed said...

Thank you! I can't wait!!