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December 14, 2009

winter shorts!

Wearing: ruffle camisole I got in Japan, vivat veritas shorts, payless booties and random white cardigan.

I made these shorts a while ago (2,3 weeks ago) but finally got around to make a post about it today. I'm almost done with the Tokyo Made Market prep, which makes me relieved.

About this black camisole, I've had this forever, at least 5 years, but I rarely wear it since Andy hates it so much. Andy hates anything ruffly. I do like a little bit of ruffle, as long as it's not too much like this.

The shorts are made based on the Jane pattern, I added pockets and waist band for added height in waist. Also added a zipper on the side and a button for closure.

Jane is such a versatile pattern, in the past I made harem pants and rompers based on this pattern. You can lengthen the hem or crunch the hem to make so many different variations.


issa said...

Love this look and you look absolutely stunning in it

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome shorts!! The black ruffle top is pretty too! xoxoxox

Samantha Nandez said...

adorable, I love the shirt!

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Anonymous said...

O wow! Those shorts are Sooo cute! I definitely would love to know how you made them I want to make a pair for myself!