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December 13, 2009

Work in progress...2

My mac died for two days and I thought I really had to buy a new one. But today, I took out the battery package from the back of the computer and started working again! I'm so happy:)

Here are 4 more. I'm more than half way done (7 so far), and only two more to go!

This one below is so cute with black tights and a pendant!

Mod dress in light peach color
High waisted skirt with bow
I love this! Sorry the picture only shows the top part of the dress, but it's connected to high waisted skirt, and with a zipper closure on the side.


Lucie said...

I have a macbook pro and I think i would DIE if it stopped working!

Much love x

vivatveritas said...

i hear you! i thought i would die too!

NGLaLALa said...

Love your creations! The last dress looks great... I love the top part a lot! I just bought a charmeuse that has a similar leopard print.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chie, I love love that leopard print. What a lovely outcome. what kind of material is it?

vivatveritas said...

sulovessew, the fabric is polyester with a tiny bit of stretch. :)