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December 16, 2009

Happy anniversary and diy t-shirt

Andy and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary on December 12th! Our actual weddings were not on the 12th, since we had two weddings one in the states on Dec 2nd, and the other in Japan on Dec 23rd, we decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 12th. It's easier to remember, 12/12.

Anyway, we do small gift exchange every year with a limit of 20 dollars. We do this since we'd rather spend money on traveling than physical gift itself, and with 20 dollar limit, it forces ourselves to be creative and fun!

This year, I wanted to get him something related to Manny Pacquiao, a Filippino boxer, since he loves him. I check Manny t-shirts online, but it far exceeded 20 dollar limit with shipping and all. So I got a blank white t-shirt (about 5 bucks) at a super market, and got an iron print paper for another 6 bucks. You basically print out whatever picture you want on the iron print paper, and iron the picture on the t-shirt.

I stole this Manny picture somewhere online (I simply googled imaged him), and brought it to my photoshop. Then I added "Manny Pacquiao" letter on the top.

For the iron print, you have to make sure that the letters are mirrored.
Tada! Custom made t-shirt for him! He loved it:)

I also got him this hat that he kept telling me he wanted. I dislike this hat, but hey, it was our anniversary, I decided to be generous. I thrifted it for 3 bucks. Then we went to a French restaurant for lunch - I love eating out in Japan, because I don't have to chip the waitress here, and ends up so much cheaper to eat out than in the States!


Samantha Nandez said...

How sweet! What a lovely anniversary :D

lunatepetal said...

happy anniversary!
sounds like it was a very nice one!
did you open that wine? how was it??

we also had two weddings too:)

Christina said...

What a sweet creative gift!

Anonymous said...

I like it, excelent job.


bianca said...

i think your gift is very sweet. i'm pretty sure he loved it.

happy anniversary!

Karencilla said...

HAPPY belated ANNIVERSARY!! you guys make such a lovely couple.
Andy looks funny with the hat.

vivatveritas said...

thank you so much all!

luna, the wine was wonderful!


Erin Cathleen said...

Happy Anniversary! I would love to live and eat out in Japan myself, but one question... how come waitresses don't get tipped in Japan? That seems rather unfair, don't you think?