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November 18, 2009

peter pan!

Personally, This black peter pan collar doll dress is my best creation this winter! I love how it turned out. Although, my sister called me "nun"... It's okay! I like it.
I drafted the pattern based on the room wear-ish dress I made a couple of days ago. I made the collar bigger and rounder, added two black buttons. For the skirt part, I added two pockets (I love pockets!), pleated the front panel, then finished with belt loops on the side and a sash.

I definitely got inspired by liebemarlene's photo stream on flickr. She always has the cutest vintage dresses, with round collar. Check out her flickr page - She is so lovely.

Wearing: VivatVeritas dress, heart tights, gem pumps I got in Japan.

This tights might look like polka dot, but they are actually hearts. I got these three years ago, to pair with LBD for my own wedding party that my best friends threw. I love the tights, but they scratch my skin so bad, I had to take them off shortly after this photo shoot:(


Anonymous said...

You are so great... I like your style. God bless you!

Naoko said...

Adorable! I probably love this the most of what you've made so far.

Anonymous said...

it's so cute! i LOVE the big peter pan color. and it's adorable with the heart tights. ~joelle

NGLaLALa said...

Cute dress~!!

ebbyj said...

I love your creations!!!! I really love this one and admire that you draft your own patterns.

vivatveritas said...

aw thank you everyone! you girls are so sweet:)

Louisa Cindy said...

where did u buy the tights ?

vivatveritas said...

hi luisa,

i got them in japan:)