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November 17, 2009

No more rain

Wearing: cardigan bought at flee market (for $1), white tank, Calvin Kline hight waist skirt, payless booties and scarf from Malaysia.

I recently purchase a new serger. The machine is 4 thread and 2 needles, and works great! I purchased it online, at an auction site (not everything is auctioned, they have buy it now option), called Rakuten, which is like an equivalent of Ebay in the US. The name of the shop in Rakuten was "Mishin Okoku", which literally means, sewing machine nation. If you reside in Japan, I totally recommend this seller. The delivery was so quick, it came next morning. This is what I love about Japan as opposed to Philly... don't get me wrong, there were a lot of things that I like about living in the States, and I was so sad when I had to move back here. But over here, things work according to rules and orders. I can't even count how many times my mail got missed in Philly, or perhaps stolen. Anyway, it works great!

A very generous friend of mine gave me this Calvin Kline skirt, and I love it! I would have worn it everyday if I still went to work... The skirt actually is consisted of three different panels in front and back. The scarf is also given to me from a pastor friend back in Philly. It was a gift he got from Malaysia and I always get a compliment whenever I wear this;)
aw I hope it will be sunny tomorrow! It was pouring rain all day today.


Naoko said...

chie, I really like the high waist skirt you are wearing.

NGLaLALa said...

Cute outfit! You're going to love serging! Hope you have fun with it. :)

lunatepetal said...

yay for a new serger :)

love your pencil skirt! I've been wanting to make one, just like billion things on my list...

I hate when my mail gets lost/stolen, too! it really sucks and makes me mad/sad :(

vivatveritas said...

hey naoko! so good to hear from you!! u back in the states? i miss u!

hey nglalala, thank u! i love the new serger. it works great and im making all sorts of stuff with it now.

hey luna! yea i want to see your new creations! but it must be hard with your little one around:)