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November 19, 2009


I finally had a chance to wear this my new favorite dress yesterday since it was warm and sunny. I auctioned off this dress at Market Publique. Thank God, there was only one other person who was bidding on the dress, and I won! It is a vintage 70's dress in pale pink, and I think it's hand made. The skirt part is pleated and I just love how girly it is.

Well, I ended up wearing my zara sweater on since the wind was cold.

And I figured these pale pink earrings go so well with this dress. I got these for $8 at a consignment store on 21st and Samson st in Philly. I forgot the name of the store..but I used to pop in there time to time after work to find some antique goodies.

Also, thank you Marita Bliss for giving me a beautiful blogger award! Make sure to check out her blog for beautiful photography:) I'm supposed to write 7 interesting things about me:

1. I have things for guys with buzz cut. I like Wentworth Miller, and Channing Tatum only for that reason... When my husband and I met, he had a regular White boy hair cut, but after a year of dating, I begged him to shave his head.

2. I was a Journalism major in college - 4 years later, I'm doing something totally unrelated to living.

3. I've never been to Europe.

4. I'm seriously considering joining a boxing gym now.

5. I don't have any tattoos, and in fact, I dislike tattoos on women.

6. People always think I'm Korean, but I'm 100% Japanese in blood, but half American in heart and personality.

7. I grew up in church. Both of my parents are Christians. When I was a kid, I swore that I won't marry a pastor or missionary because I did not want to be poor. But here I am, married to a pastor/missionary.... happily!

Sorry, I don't have much interesting to say:( happy thursday:)


calivintage said...

oh wow, that dress is so pretty and romantic and those earrings are beautiful! great finds¡

vivatveritas said...

thank you!