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August 13, 2009

Inspiration from European style website

All images are from Stockholm Street Style.
Oversized tanktops, lots of rings and bangles, zipper detail, khaki button down shirt worn as a military jacket, shorts and stripes. I love them all.


Shin said...

Everyone in Stockholm looks like models off duty! They look so stylish! xxoxoxo

The Haute-Shopper said...

The Swedish have always had great style and been more daring than some other countries. The zipper look and the oversized tanks are my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

Lovely blog by the way :)

Elise said...

Hello, I wanted to leave you a comment to say that I absolutely love your blog. I've so enjoyed looking at your pictures too. Everything is really interesting and well written.

Thanks so much for sharing and best wishes..

Fashion Addict said...

I love love love this post!

Oh and I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a contest at my blog ( and I'm giving away a new watch so please stop by and enter!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

The minimalism and clean shapes look really nice here. And I love all that statement jewelry!

Natalie said...

All of these girls have fantastic style. love the second pic in the first row and the first pic in the second row the best! :)


maritaBliss said...

I love that site ♥