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August 29, 2009

Wrapped up my five years in Philly and heading back home..

Andy and I wrapped up our life in Philly and just moved all the way to Japan. You can see my apartment was all emptied out in the pic... it was our first place together since we got married. It was sad to move on. Got a new black lace bra, after being inspired by Rumi from FashionToast.. 12 bucks at H&M!

Before we left, we hung out with our friends a lot. I like Philly in the summer. Took advantage of Center city sips every Wednesday, sitting outside with drink...

Went to Franklin Fountain to get a fresh handmade icecream
Went to G loung..
Went out with my new zara dress. got this on sale for $5.99!
Painted nails in neon pink..
cried after receiving an amethyst ring from my girlfriend as a farewell gift
Good bye Philly!
August 24, 2009


lunatepetal said...

it is sad saying good bye to a place you lived for a long time. along with the sweet memories, it is even harder!

but I am sure you two will have a fantastic life in Japan :)!

Karencilla said...

wow, i really hope the best for both you in Japan. I bet it was really sad to leave friends and a place like philly. But good memories are yours always.

chie said...

thank you thank you both! i hope that we will get used to living here soon!