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June 12, 2009

What to do in Bangkok, Thailand

This was our second time to visit Thailand. Andy and I went there for the first time on honeymoon two and a half years ago, and absolutely loved the place. So as a graduation present for Andy, we went to Thailand again last week for three days. We only stayed in Bangkok this time, since we did not have enough time to visit any other cities (last time we went to Pattaya and Ayuthaya as well). For those who are interested in visiting the country, here is the list of things you should do (sorry this post is totally not sewing or fashion related):

1. Eat fruit, tons of them!
Their fruit is just wonderful. Especially mango is my favorite. It tastes different from the ones you get in the U.S. The ones we can get in the U.S. is more fiber-ish, and hard. But the ones you get in Thailand is sooo sweet, melt in your mouth....The fresh mango juice you can get at a restaurant is great as well. It tastes as though they added milk or something, since it is so smooth. I loved it.

They always have fruit stand on the street, and very very cheap. For instance, a pack of pealed pomela (big grapefruit thing) is about 20 bhat, which is about 70 cents in U.S. dollars.

This banana crape you can get on the street is good as well. It is deep fried, so anyone who might be concerned about eating it for sanitary reasons, it should be okay... I did not get sick. In case you are worried, I do recommend drinking beer with meals since alcohol kills germs.

2. Get a tailor made suites! in cashmere wool.
Both Andy and I got a tailor made suite this time. They are about 75 to 120 USD each. They measure you very precisely and make it in any style you want, any fabric you want. Imagine how much it would cost to have a custom made suite made in U.S. or Japan? This was definitely worth it. He had his made in light gray, and I had mine made in black stripe, both in cashmere wool. You go back for a fitting the next day, and after 24 hours, the suites were ready! So quick! I was impressed by their craftsmanship too.
I've made a suite for myself only once, for Burdastyle suite contest. It was a lot of work. One day, I would like to be able to make suite like a Thai seamstress!

3. Stop by at Suknvit street, Soi 3.
Andy and I both enjoy smoking hookah (below). They come in fruity flavors, such as grape, apple etc., and they contains very little nicotine. If you like hookah, soi 3 is your place to go. They have an Arab district on soi 3, and have bunch of restaurants serving hookah.

Also, soi 11 is a good place for restaurant. It is a trendy spot in Bangkok right now...
4. Stop by at Chatuchak weekend market
This weekend market has all sorts of things, and fun to look around. Below, left is a man who is pretending to be Jack from the movie, Pirates of Caribbean. I think he did a pretty good job! Right is a clothing shop called no problem. lol.

They had a pet shop within the market too. I found this adorable chiwawa puppy.. this thing was sooo small, and cute.


Akazukin said...

Thank you for sharing! Amazing. I so want the fruit and a suit. My sewing is s-l-o-w. I take a day just to cut something out. Takes me a couple hours just to tape a BurdaStyle pattern together.

kerry said...

looks like you're having a blast there!! agreed on those mangos!! you should try some in the philippines while you're over there too! mmm =)

Karencilla said...

Chie i am so glad that you and andy had a great time over there!! thanks so much for sharing your trip.

::HARUNA:: said...

looks & sounds like you had a blast in thailand! makes me want to go over there! it's on my list of to-visit's as well as so many other placese.

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

akazukin chan, i love fruit too! i think you know this, but fruit in japan is very expensive - in thailand, it is so reasonable, and you can get it anywhere. i really liked that. good luck with your sewing, it takes me a while to put the patterns together too!

hi kerry, thanks for stopping buy! ive never been to philippines- i would love to! someone told me their bananas are amazing. they taste different from the ones you get in the US... that's what i heard.

karen, thank you! we enjoyed very much!!!

hi luna, yes, i totally recommend thailand! its such a fun and diverse place.

Unknown said...

Hi, thank you for sharing the pictures look amazing. I have been looking to buy a dog for a while now and I also have a trip planed for Thailand soon and I was wondering if you can tell me where to get one there in Bangkok or Ku Samui please.
It would really mean a lot to me.

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

hi zainab, thanks for visiting! the place that i sew the chiwawa puppy was at chutchack weekend market in bangkok. they were selling some dogs. but besides that, i dont know, since i've only been to thailand twice, and im not thais.. sorry.