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June 9, 2009

im back in japan now!

just came back from Thailand trip this morning at 6am. Andy and I took the overnight flight - the trip was great, but we were exhausted from the flight. so we just relaxed today, and later went to a mall that's near by my parents' place. 

i sew many dresses in this kind of style at mall

images from Julianna

dress that looks like high weight skirt with tank top or t-shirt tucked in. i love it!
it looks pretty easy to make too. 
1. make tanktop
2. connect either wide band elastic, or 
cut out black jersey like a waist band
3. attach skirt in print

im thinking of using this japanese style fabric that i got from tomato for the skirt part.
i can't wait to start sewing again!

i saw a new pattern, Doryon, came out on burdastyle - it's romper! im considering buying the pattern. i have not downloaded any patterns from burdastyle since they started charging them, but this romper is really cute and i'd like to try making it. 


Karencilla said...

ohhh i envy you Chie! I wish i could to thailand and japan!

Andy and you are such a perfect match, lovely pictures!

Akazukin said...

Cute couple! Looks like you're having so much fun!

I'm presenting you with the "One Lovely Blog Award." Please visit my blog for more details:

DaisyChain said...

You two are so cute.

BellaCene said...

I LOVE those dresses! They are so fun and colorful! You are so talented :)

chie said...

Karen, thank you! We had a lot of fun in thailand, which i will write about soon:)

Hi Akazukin chan, thank you so much for the award! im so flattered - really appreciated!

thank you laura!

hi bellacane, thanks for visiting! i actually did not make them, but would like to make a similar one. thanks though:)