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June 3, 2009

fabulous place to shop fabric in japan

ever since i read this blog post about fabric shop in japan, called "tomato" and other reviews about this shop, i've been dying to go. now that im in japan, i went there on my first day.

it was great!

they have tons of tons of fabric, they arrange them very well (1st floor print fabrics, 2nd floor knit fabrics, etc), they have great 100 yen a meter section (100 yen is about 95 cents in current exchange rate).
they have two or three different buildings, and you can find anything there... i was so excited.
it is in fabric district of tokyo, place called "nippori". you can get off at "nippori" JR station and walk from the station for about five minutes, then you'll start seeing the rows of fabric shops.

i got these two fabrics from 100 yen a meter section.
right: pink lutas flower cotton fabric with a bit of stretch
left: polyester fabric, kind of like kimono fabric

what should i make out of these...? im so tempted to just make a kimono dress with the fabric on the left, but i should probablly try something new. with the lotus fabric, im making a sun dress for my little sister:)


Karencilla said...

i envy you.. in a good way!!

Akazukin said...

Thank you for this information! I'll be going to Tokyo soon and I'd love to go to a good fabric shop. What great prices!

Have fun shopping!!!

lunatepetal said...

what a great deal on the fabric you found!
I am so fabric jealous :)

chie said...

hey karen, well, i was totally not expecting to find such a cheap fabric... everything in japan is more expensive than U.S. so i was happy!!

hi akazukin chan, yea, you should definitely go! they have other fabric shops around the area too. let me know if you need direction or more info!

hi luna patel, they have more and more fabrics there. i didnt get them since i already have a huge stash that i have to go through... they had blue and orange for the lotus flower fabric.

Akazukin said...

Thanks for offering more information! Have you heard of any good deals in Osaka/Kansai? I go to the usual shops but I've never seen any deals like that.