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April 11, 2011

Scrap heap project: Progress 1

I wrote about the scrap heap project that I will be working on during my maternity leave. Actually, before I start my leave I already jump started the project:p It's coming rather slow, since I'm trying to experiment different techniques that I usually avoid when I'm busy, such as pin tucks, and lace insertion.
I got the idea for the lace insertion from this Colette Pattern post. I made a lace insertion on the skirt hem, just like Sarai did for her dress. I think it turned out lovely, but was disappointed after I completed the skirt, because the zipper I used was too short and there was no way for any skinny person to put her butt in! This is what happens when you are pregnant and can't test the project as you sew.. So I asked Andy to take out the zipper for me (He is great at doing it! I hate de-stitching seams), and tried again with a longer zipper. And guess what happened? The zipper broke while I tried to put the skirt on my dress form. Ha. So I gave up! The skirt is still incomplete:( 

Anyway, going back to more positive side - I love Colette Patterns blog! I am always inspired by their ideas and introduction to different techniques. I think Sarai's post on surface cording, piping, bias binding and layers of lace is so pretty!

What did you guys work on this weekend?


Unknown said...

Don't get frustrated! Set the project apart for as much time as you need, you will finish it when you feel like it.
It looks so promising! I've been thinking about lace insertion ever since I saw Sarai's post and now I want to try it even more. If you want to share tips on how to do it, I'd be eternally grateful :)

Zoe May said...

Wow the lace insertion looks so pretty!
I know what you mean about giving up on something when it just wont work properly.

Once when I was sick I spent days embroidering around the hem of a skirt, but after putting in the zipper I realised it was too small and so unflattering!

I have been too depressed to fix it ever since. But I'm thinking it would make a good giveaway...

Ai Dihayco said...

i love laces. i agree with paunnet if u have time please share tips on lace insertion. like those buttons too. so girly!

Chie - Vivat Veritas said...

aww thanks everyone! yes, when i use the technique next i will write up a tutorial for lace insertion;)

Alison H said...

oh the lace looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product.

I feel you pain since I sewed bias tape on 4 times yesterday and nearly threw it out the window :-)

Sacha said...

That's such a sweet detail to add to a skirt for Spring and Summer

hardwood floors Mississauga said...

oh dear
it looks just luxuriously