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April 12, 2011

Braided hair tutorial

I've been doing different hair arrangement using braids lately. I like this one since its easy yet looks like I spent more time on it than I actually did :p I hope you like the tutorial!

1. You need two elastic bands and a couple of hair pins.
2. I like to start by curling my hair slightly with a curling iron, but this step  is totally up to you! I think this braided hair is great with straight hair, wavy or curled, as long as your hair has enough length to wrap a braided piece around the back of your head :)
3. First part your hair in the center. Then take a strand of hair right above your ear, leaving your bang, if you have it.
4. Then braid tightly.
5. Braid till the end, and tie it with the elastic band.
6. The side will look like this.
7-8. Do the same for the other side.
9. Take the braid, and wrap it around the back of your head and pin it right behind your ear. Make sure to hide the end under your non-braided hair.
10. Do the same for the other side.

And tada! It's so easy and takes less than 3 minutes:)


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emmalemma said...


Ai said...

too bad i got super pixie hair now :-( hehehe! maybe for my daughter. tks for this tutorial chie.

Kaitlyn Dreyling said...

So cute! I'm going to have to try it!

Liza A. said...

A very simple style to make and will definitely try on my messy daughter haha...She does not like to tie her hair!

P/S: Chie, can't even believe you are preggy, looking gorgeous. Take care.

Hambergoosa said...

awesome! Next week I'm going to have a tutorial on french braiding, you'll have to check it out it's supper easy!

Brittany H. said...

Very sweet, and very easy. Thanks for sharing.

How's your day, soon-to be-mama?


LoveMakesTheGirl said...

I used to love styling my hair like this when I was growing up. Maybe I'll try again soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

verypurpleperson said...

Pretty! And you look so beautiful!

Tara said...

I love this! More please!

September Daze said...

So cute! Thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial! I will have to try it out, perfect for spring and summertime :)

Mariana ♥ Karina Yukari said...

Beautiful braided hairstyle! I love braids and I do my hair! And what is a sugoi expression tada! n_~

zhing said...

so adorable in braids!

HipDroppedStitches said...

I love this look! My hair is almost long enough...