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April 20, 2011

Inspiration: Theme desert

All images via Liebemarlene Vintage

When I am making clothes for a photo shoot, I like to come up with a certain "theme". In February, a photographer Amelia and I worked on a shoot with a theme "Secret Garden". My next upcoming photo shoot's theme is "After the carnival", where I want to capture some images with bright sky, and Ferris wheel in the background with bright solid color clothes, such as juicy orange, bright yellow, or sky blue. At dusk, I want to have some photos taken with some melancholy feel, with a bit of sadness that the carnival is over. As props, I would love to incorporate balloons, big lollipops or cotton candy... 

I just read at Riannon's blog that she was planning a shoot with a theme "Heroines in the desert", and I thought the theme is so cute! I love the inspirational images she collected.


Ai said...

pretty idea:-D

Paunnet said...

I really like your idea and the colours you chose! I'm sure it'll turn out great!

zhing said...

congrats!! she looks perfect!! and "after the carnival" sounds like such a fun idea!!

i think of "up" when i think of colourful balloons! xx