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March 15, 2011

Secret Garden Lookbook

Photographer, Make-up, and Styling: Amelia Aventine
Model: Yurie Nakatomi
Clothes: Vivat Veritas, available here.

Hi all! Late night post today. We had a black-out in my area today, which limited my pc use because my 15  inch screen laptap battery only lasts about an hour without charging. I want to write more, but will have to keep it short so I can get some sleep!

Here are the mood shot of the "Secret Garden" collection I posted yesterday. What do you think? Which picture do you like the best?

I really really love how every single picture came out! It was hard to pick the ones I posted here. When I have time, I will post more pictures on my Flickr page.

Back in February, Amelia contacted me to do a photo shoot with a theme of "Secret Garden". When I saw her website, I was immediately in love with her work. I have a short interview post of Amelia coming up soon so you can get to know her better. After we agreed upon the theme, I started making clothes. As I said before, I did not make any new patterns for this range, just used some old ones and fabrics I can find from my stash. So most of these dresses will be one-of-a-kind or few-of-a-kind. As much as I love working on bridesmaid dresses, I really enjoy making one-of-a-kind pieces. I take random fabric from my stash and see what it takes me. I also found out that I work better with some concept  or theme in mind, instead of random "Spring" or "Fall" collection. Amelia was super fun to work with, and so was Yurie. I think she looks gorgeous in these photos, and even more so in person!

Anyway, it's almost midnight here. Gotta get some sleep to tomorrow. xoxo


emmalemma said...

These photos are incredible! I thought that they were inspiration photos at first. Just beautiful. The blue and flower dress is still my favorite.

Also, I chose you as one of my "Stylish Blog" award-winners!

Feel free to play along, otherwise, just know that I think your blog is awesome! :D

Stay safe in Japan, we are praying for you all!

Ai Dihayco said...

been looking forward to this collections. really awesome. so pretty! congrats chie. take care



Anonymous said...

love the photos chie! i especially like those in the big trees. beautiful, secret garden is the most appropriate name!

i hope things are going fine in tokyo for you!

Unknown said...

I love the open back dress in the first two images. The second image is my favourite because the model looks more natural like she's been caught unawares on her walk.

rubyslippers_86 said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful dresses :-)

Kayla said...

WOW- these photos came out beautifully-and your dresses look amazing! It's hard to pick favorites, but I'd say the 4th and 2nd from the bottom are my favorites! They're all so good =)
xo be safe

RACHAEL said...

the photos look beautiful - very dreamy :) they all look amazing (i love the shadows), but i think i like photo 2 (especially because it shows the gorgeous open back on the dress) and photo 13 the best x

Casey said...

These photos are breathtaking! It suits your design aesthetic so well. :)

♥ Casey

Unknown said...

wow! great clothes and great photos... This looks like a really professional lookbook. Congrats, Chie!

Samantha Nandez said...

So sweet!! I like these photos :D