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March 1, 2011

Strawberry Koi Dress!

Hello:)  Al little late posting today.  Went out with mom for lunch and a movie today on my day off:. It felt like such a luxury to be out to see movie during the day on weekday, when everyone is working! We saw the Wall Street movie.  It was recently released in Japan.  I enjoyed it but felt it was a bit too long...

Anyway, what is worth mentioning is the release of the Stawberry Koi dress that Aya and I worked together.  I really enjoyed this whole project.  Hop over to Aya's blog to see more photos:) She also posted a short video which is so cute!

As you can see from Aya's design draft, her style is much different than mine. Hers is much more vintage inspired, and that was exactly why I wanted to work with her to add some different taste/style to my shop.

I usually naturally go for sleeveless dresses, whereas Aya added cute cap sleeves. Aya also included PIN TUCKS and tucks is a technique that I had not incorporated in any of my previous creations, because I find it hard to master and time consuming to make! I'm just too lazy to come up with these on my own, so I'm glad this project helped me to advance my skills:p

Pin Tucks on the hem were bad, but Pin Tucks on the sleeves were even worse, because I had to sew tucks on curve. I had to try it a couple of times to get it right.

I decided to go for a solid color to make this dress so the pleats in the skirt and pin tucks stand out more, instead of using my favorite pattern, floral print.

By the way, I love Aya's hand drawn design sketch! I like how the drawing of the dress includes the girl's head, with hair :)

Now the dress is available in my shop for made to order:)


Loren said...

Gorgeous and very sweet dress. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Although it is different from your designs. I think it is very complementary to your style.

Paunnet said...

I saw the post on Aya's blog yesterdy and I was stunned. You're so talented, Chie! I adore the color end the sleeves... Actually, I adore the whole dress!
Would you consider doing a tutorial on how to sew pintucks?

J_Sol said...

It's very cute! I like it in combination with cameo.

Anonymous said...

i am in love!!! this dress is cute to the extreme! :D lovely photos!

Casey said...

I love how the dress you and Aya collaborated on turned out! It's so cute; I love the color and the pintucks (bravo for stretching your style a bit with this--a good reminder to me to get off my lazy backside and try some new techniques! ;).

♥ Casey

Emily said...

Gorgeous! I love the little sleeves and pintucks!!

rika daniel said...

I love it so much, and the color too, and the photos!!! :)

Sacha said...

These photographs are gorgeous. They make me want to make a dress of a similar style for summer.

Kayla said...

I absolutely love this dress, you both did an awesome job working together! I think it definitely compliments your other work. You are so inspiring to me!