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February 28, 2011

Behind the scenes - "Secret Garden" photoshoot

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

We had a photo shoot on Saturday with photographers, Amelia Aventine and Adam Rowney, visiting from UK.   "Secret Garden" was the theme. Amelia found this amazing spot on a man-made island in Tokyo named Odaiba. The spot she found was secluded, almost isolated from the rest of the island.  Best part, it had no security to bother us! We were left to our own devices without any distraction for hours.

I was afraid that it would rain on Saturday, but thankfully, it was sunny and dry through out the day. Regrettably, it was one of the coldest days in February. Our model Yurie Nakatomi had to stand in 6 degree weather for 7 hours...I felt so bad for her :(

The weather has been crazy here lately..On Sunday, it was 20 degrees, and super sunny, then today, it switched and went back down to 6 degrees. I can't wait for Spring to come!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun shooting this"Secret Garden" theme. Amelia came up with the whole story board, and I made dresses to match. I love how the clothes came out, and how Amelia styled the photos. We were really on the same page! It might be a little while until I can post the lookbook pictures and get the dresses up on  my shop. In the meantime, here are some behind-the-scene photos and a little video! 


Ai said...

so exciting! congrats again chie. i saw the strawberry koi dress and so in love with it.

Sacha said...

I'm looking forward to the final photographs from this shoot. Also, I love the paperbag waist skirt you're wearing. And thank you for your lovely comment.

Samantha Nandez said...

Looks like fun!

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