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March 16, 2011

Inspiration: papercup Alphaville look book

All images via papercup blog

Today's inspiration comes from papercup.  This is a New Zealand label which makes handmade clothing. I'm a big fan of their clothing, as you can see from me previous posts on their collections. These pictures are from their latest winter collection (I sometimes forget that countries in Southern hemisphere have the opposite weather from Japan and the U.S.). 
I love the use of bright color, especially because we all tend to wear darker color such as gray, black, brown etc in the winter. Also love the big scallop hems, with use of velor fabric.


cogito ergo suo said...


Paunnet said...

love the colours!

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

You always feature such amazing inspiration, Chie! I can always see myself wearing the designs you share :)

I love the color story and the details. So pretty and happy!

yaga said...

Gods, I absolutely adore that yellow dress and skirt! yellow is just so good, it always makes me gasp!

Kayla said...

i LOVE the scalloped hems too. love them.

ooobop! said...

Just so gorgeous. One of the loveliest maternity dresses I have ever seen. And pink suits you very much! My husband says the same about my 60 dernier tights!

tnbrowne said...

I love these looks! Very funky., shop, shop