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February 18, 2011

Interview: Meet Jason!

Happy Friday! Recently I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing photographers, models and other crafters and I am planning to showcase them to you from time to time via interviews...let  me know what you think:)
First, let me introduce you to Jason Weddington.  He is the photographer who shot my 2011 Spring Collection. I wasn't sure how shooting with someone I did not know would work out, and I was a bit nervous. In the past, when I did photo shoot, people I worked with was either friends or friends' friends.  But it turned out that I really enjoyed working with Jason. 
One thing I have to mention is the speed at which Jason works.  He shot, edited and finalized the pictures in 72 hours.  He served in the Marines which is where I guess he learned that work ethic...he does their reputation proud. Simply Amazing!  
I was 100% satisfied with Jason's work.. and would love to see what he is going to work on in the future.. If only Andy were able to use a camera like him!

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Can you give our readers a quick self introduction?

Hmm, let's see.  I'm 33 years old, I live in Tokyo, and I've been in Japan for about 9 years.  I spend too much money on camera equipment, but this year I'm going to do better.  I'm also going to lose 5 kg.  (It's good to have goals, right?)  I shoot travel scenes, street photography, portraits, event photos, and fine art.  I like pictures that tell a story, or show something inspiring like a scene of natural or man-made beauty.

When did your interest in photography start?

I've had a camera at various times throughout my life, but I became seriously interested in photography (rather than simply taking snapshots) around 2000 or 2001.

What was the first picture you took after you decided that you were a “photographer”?

I don't think it really works that way.  At least it didn't for me.  I became a photographer slowly over time, and I still don't introduce myself as a one.  For a while I was "interested in photography."  Then I was "into photography."  Then for a while I told people that "photography is my hobby."  Now I tell people that photography is my passion, but I still don't introduce myself as a photographer.

What has been the best shot you have taken?

I have many favorites across several subject areas.  I can't really pick a best shot.  The images in the portfolio section of my site are some of my current faves, but I'll probably change my mind in a few months.

What has been the worst shot you have taken?

No idea.  Whatever it was I've long since deleted it and never looked back.  I shoot digital and delete on the spot if the image is a failure.  

How do you define your role in the creative process when working independently versus when part of a team?

When working as part of a team I see my role as that of a consultant.  I try to understand the client's vision, and sometimes help them take that vision from abstract to concrete.  Then I try to use the knowledge, skills, and tools available to me to create images that match that vision.  

When I'm on my own it varies.  Sometimes I have a specific idea that I want to try.  Sometimes I just wander around with a camera and shoot whatever looks interesting.  Sometimes I wander around with a camera and don't shoot anything at all.  Those are the hardest days.
Do you enjoy the collaborative process?  

I enjoy working with models.  When I'm able to develop a rapport with a model we tend to feed off each other and the ideas just keep coming.  It's great fun to release the creative energy and see where it goes.

Where do you see photography as an art medium heading in the future?

The tools are getting better.  With modern DSLRs there are very few technical limitations left.  If you've an eye for composition and can learn how to see light, there are fewer barriers between you and that perfect image than ever before.  It's a great time to pick up a camera, and more people seem to be getting into photography as a hobby.

Will you look to stay on the cutting edge of the photography medium or will you try and buck the trends?

I just bought an 18 year old lens, what does that tell you?  It's all about the right tool for the job.  I do try stay current on the digital workflow side, because those tools are changing very quickly.  I used to spend hours in PhotoShop on editing tasks that I can now complete in just minutes in Lightroom.  So it really pays to stop of the latest trends in workflow.

Do you have any upcoming projects?  If not do you have any short term goals you are working towards?

I'm doing some portfolio shots for a lovely model from the UK in a few weeks.  In the spring I'd like to make it to Kyoto to shoot more of that amazing city.
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Check out more of his photos on his flickr page and his websiteHe also sells his prints here on RedBubble.  


Ai said...

this post inspires me more to do better in photography.

Alina A. said...

gorgeous pics.xx

vivatveritas said...

me too! i have a dslr, i should really learn to make a best of it..


i agree!