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February 15, 2011

2011 Spring Collection Lookbook

Vivat Veritas 2011 Spring Collection Lookbook

Photographer: Jason Weddington
Models: Sarah Feinerman and Ayumi Ikeda
Jewelry Designer: Knap (Keiko Okamoto)
Makeup and Hair: Naoko Kadota (Sarah Hair), Mayuko Nakamura (Sarah Makeup), Miyuki Kazama (Ayumi Hair), Natsuko Kurosawa (Ayumi Makeup) from K-two make&nail School

Yay!  The Spring collection lookbook is here! I'm so happy with the result. I can't add these images to my main website until early March, since my main website is under construction but here are the finished photos!

My husband and I worked hard for this...many late nights sewing and pattern-making, coordinating for the shoot with photographer, models, jewelry designer and make up artists but it was a great experience. I want to send special thanks to everyone who made this possible, Jason for amazing photos and fast turn-around, Sarah and Ayumi for modeling in cold February weather, Keiko for making lovely jewelry to match my clothes and last but not least, the makeup and hair artists for doing their magic!

An added point of interest for this shoot came because of my collaboration with a local jewelry designer, Knap. I have been a fan of her dainty, glass jewelry for quite a while first spotting  her on etsy. She kindly let me use her jewelry for the shoot, and designed some new earrings to match some of my clothes.
Unfortunately, only one out of two models had ear pierced (my fault for not checking ahead of time..) and we could not shoot as many photos emphasizing the earrings as I initially planned. Also in terms of photo shot prep, I planned for clothes, not for jewlery. In other words, I was at a loss when Jason asked me what kind of shots I wanted for the jewelry. This I want to improve for future collaborative efforts.

Beside being freezing cold on the day of the shoot, we had a difficulty finding a place to shoot that was security guard free. The first couple of photos were taken near a government building in Shinjuku. I had no idea we needed permission for this. Thankfully, we had some nice shots completed by the time the security guard kicked us out. We then moved to a park in Shinjuku, but again, some security guards bothered us. I assumed shooting at a park would be fine since it's  public property... I was mistaken :(

In the end, everything came together nicely.  I learned a lot for future shots and will be well prepared for a "Secret Garden" fantasy shoot I have coming up in a few weeks.  Take a look at the video and tell me what you think!  I'd love to hear about any experiences you may have had with a similar project or recommendations you have for the future.


Kayla said...

Wow, the shoot really came out great. All the photos are so lovely. You did a great job! =)

Forgotten fancies said...

Wow! Your lookbook look fatastic. You must be so proud!

iroirocrafts said...

Beautiful shots!
And I like the sound of a 'Secret Garden' idea :)

I would love to try making a lookbook this year, but without any professionals it sure won't look like this!

Mariana ♥ Karina Yukari said...

Incredible collection of spring! Only now I read the letter her husband wrote for your daughter! She has a beautiful name and is lucky to have such loving parents!

Ai said...

nice lookbook :-D the photos really makes your collections stand out. I couldn't wait for your secret garden idea.

Why don't u try somewhere down the woods, home garden or inside the house with a vintage settings. That would be nice too. just my idea. heeh! congrats again chie!

Kathleen Frances said...

OMGoodness. I didn't know you were coming out with a collection! So amazing. Please let me know when it is available and I'll mention it on Grosgrain.

Samantha Nandez said...

Very cute!! Congratulations on the shoot :D

LiPeony said...

wow that's awesome! The lookbook is beautiful and love the little clip of "behind the scenes"

petiterepublic said...

beautiful!!! i love all the photos and the dresses, especially the pink one!!

Paunnet said...

Congratulations Chie, this is beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you! :)

Emily said...


::HARUNA:: said...

whoa! it looks very professionally done!!(well it is!) great photos, and your (and your hubby's) effort is well paid off!!
it is surprising that public drinking is allowed and photo shoot in pubric space is restricted?! one of these crazy weired urban myths...

phanclub4 said...

I love your lookbook! It's one I'm sure I will look at over and over and wish for that black and white dress each time. Good job! :D

Gracie said...

what beautiful photos, i just love them!

miledo said...

Wow !!! Really amazing !!! I also love the pink dress, very girly and cute ((: Very beautiful works and this really inspires !!! your really very creative and.. hard-working. Still don't know which is more necessary in crafts and sewing but to have both talents and use them- I think this is absolutely the most important !! Never stop ((:

tullelulah said...

The last look has such a great fit on the model.. perfection... Everything is spectacular.

vivatveritas said...

thank you everyone for all your comments!

>iroiro i would love to see your lookbook! it would be nice to have your lovely clothes showcased in nice pictures.

i recently read a really interesting article at Hopeless Lingerie blog.
you can check it out here:


thanks for the input! that would be nice to have some vintage home setting..i hope i can find something lovely in japan. when i lived in philly, there are a lot of old buildings that had some vintage feel to it, but in japan, the houses kind of look blah.. i should be on the lookout for those locations though. thanks ai!

> haruna san

haha, exactly! i kind of laughed when the security guards bothered us at a public park, because right next to us, there were homeless ppl making their nest and stuff! it was like ueno park, you must know what im talking about if you've been there..

petiterepublic said...

you know what is cool? this is the newest dress from modcloth and it looks like a vivat veritas knock off:


vivatveritas said...


that's funny! that does look similar! thank you for giving me a credit though:p