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February 23, 2011

Inspiration: Sretsis/Autumn Winter 2011

Images via wikifashion

While I was busy preparing for Spring clothes for my shop, isn't it crazy to see some designers are already ready for Autumn Winter 2011?! I can never think that far ahead! 

For some reasons, this Sretsis Autumn/Winter collection strikes me as more of "Spring" collection, perhaps because of the light weight fabrics and pinks. I love the 70s inspired feel to this collection, especially the top left one! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I wish I had every single item in my wardrobe. They're so dreamy. Thanks for posting. Also am very excited to see the Koi Dress :D

Sacha said...

They have some lovely prints! I especially like the matching blazer and bag

vivatveritas said...

thank you both for the comments! :)

Anonymous said...

Such cute designs. I love the photos too. Those floral pants are great.

bravegrrl said...

definitely has a spring vibe! very cute!