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February 24, 2011

32 weeks

I snapped these photos after I came back from running some errands today. Thank God for the easily accessible self-timer and remote! I lost my remote a while ago, but happened to find it under the couch while I was cleaning. I'm happy that I didn't rush and buy a new one :p

While I was running some errands, I could not resist the temptation to stop at Mister Donuts. I don't know if you have Mister Donuts in your country, but it's awesome. I like Crispy Creame and Dunkin Donuts, but they cannot even compare to Mister Donuts.   Mister Donuts' donuts are not too sweet and have a terrific soft chewy texture.  Some of them are really fun, they come in the shape of bears or lions  And most come have a whipped cream filling and are covered in chocolate. As I said, I picked one up today and was chowing down while browsing through a shoe store. Then..... I saw myself in the mirror.  I really looked pregnant! Round face, big belly and a donuts in hand. It was quite comical.

I had a doctor's check up earlier this week, and the baby is doing well. She is estimated to weight 2200 grams now. Since she got big, she cannot fit in one screen for the ultra-sound, and her picture has to be divided in two.

We received some gifts for the baby from our excited family:
My mom made this cute pouch with strawberry zipper charm. I think it would be perfect to carry some small items, like pacifiers?
 From my mother-in-law: some head clips and head bands in different pastel colors. I love little baby girl's head bands, especially on bald head babies. I wonder if my baby will be born with a lot of black hair like other Asian babies, or be bald..

 More clothes...

 I finally put up the castle decal on  the wall. The nursery still does not look all that exciting.  Hopefully Andy and I can get some more decorating done.

Finally here is a short "behind the scenes" clip from our maternity photo shoot. We had the photos taken at 31 weeks, and are waiting for the finished products - I really can't wait to see them myself and show you here!


rika daniel said...

I love the strawberry purse :) and congratulations for your 32 weeks! :)

Ai said...

congrats! your almost there. few more weeks and u get to hold your bundle of joy chie. take care more. oh btw, love those baby dresses and clips. for sure u cant wait to dress up your little girl.

nette said...

You look so beautiful and happy Chie! Congrats on your 32 weeks. Now it is the final rush!

Casey said...

All those little clothes are so darling! :)

♥ Casey

miamoonlove said...

Wow, what a creative family you come from. Sure your girl will be the same!!

Mama Violet said...

Awww. I love the animal print.

glass table tops said...

with new things

Emily said...

Mister Donuts sounds amazing! Love your dress and the strawberry purse. I'm guessing your little one will have hair. :)

Kayla said...

You look wonderful! The strawberry pouch is absolutely adorable, I love it! I'm sure your baby girl will be just as creative and beautiful as her mama! =)

ChiccaStyle said...

so cute and sweet!!!

Jasmine Iris said...

you look gorgeous and so happy!

my sister and i are both half asian. I was born completely bald and she was born with a head full of dark hair haha. Go figure! :)

bianca said...

all of those baby stuff are cute! it makes me want to have my own baby! haha.

when i visited Asia, i was able to Mister Donut and your description of their donut is spot on! =)

bravegrrl said...

congratulations! i really love that little pouch your mom made, so cute!

Ri said...

Awwwww everything's so cute! The purse, the clothes and you looking so happy!

I know what you mean about Mister Donuts... their doughnuts are addictive! I love the simple Pon de Ring best though. :)