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February 2, 2011

Inspiration: silk tie-dye

When I was in elementary school, I used to love water painting lessons at art class. Something about mixing colors and spreading them over a white sheet of paper was so soothing and relaxing to me as a kid. One time I drew water color cherry blossom trees and got many compliments from the teacher..maybe that's why I remember the class as a fond memory.

Anyway, these silk tie-dye reminded me of the elementary art class. Each piece is so unique and some of the details are handsewn! Wish I could own one, why does it cost $500 a pop...


Katherine said...

You don't need to spend $500, I'm sure you could recreate these pieces with some practice. The really tricky thing would be getting the fabric right, and I'm sure the sewing would be no problem for you.

vivatveritas said...

hi katherine!
i've never done tie dye..i wonder how hard it is?! i think those pieces are beautiful. maybe this is going to be my summer project - making my own fabric!

Kayla said...

wow these are so lovely! as always you have shown some beautiful inspiration! I'm sure there must be tutorials online for tie dye--now I want to learn!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of tie-dyed silk, it's so soft and unexpected. Great photos!

Ashley said...

Tie dying isn't hard, I did it in elementary school and again in my fiber arts class in college. It's so much fun! Tieing the fabric with different things (strings v. rubber bands) make the pattern different, as well and tieing it in different ways. There are a ton of references out there, I'm sure.

I'd definitely practice on cotton (even an old t-shirt) before spending the money on silk.

vivatveritas said...


trying on cotton before silk is a great idea. i would not ruin an expensive silk fabric with my tie dye experiment! lol