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February 3, 2011

29 weeks

29 weeks! My husband and I snapped this photo with camera placed on an ironing board with a self-timer, so it's a bit tilted to the side..sorry! The bump is getting bigger, and I think calling it a mountain is more fitting than a bump. Strange thing is though, I have not gained any weight for a month although the belly seems to be getting bigger. Not sure why.

I have a doctor's appointment scheduled in a couple of days, and am excited to see the baby's growth in ultrasound. After this appointment, the visit will be every 2 weeks, instead of every month. I feel like the end is near!

I am blessed with wonderful friends who generously passed me down some of her maternity clothes, baby goods such as milk bottles, baby bath etc.

So to show my thanks, I made a little baby dress for my friend's 3 month old baby girl. I used the same pattern as these dresses. It is made of green corduroy (seen here also), and I lined it with some cotton stripe fabric. I also added cream color crochet lace at hem. I hope she'll like it!


Liza A. said...

Very nice little dress ;)

It is kind of strange that you didn't gain weight. Just let the doc know about this matter during your next visit, just to make sure everything ok, ya!
Oh, seeing our baby through the ultrasound is always very exciting :)
Hope you and baby are healthy! Can't wait to see you on your 30th weeks!

vivatveritas said...


yea, i will let the doc know! i'll see what he'll say..

i know, seeing the ultrasound is the perks of the visit!

Emily said...

You two are the cutest! Your baby girl is sure to be beautiful! Darling dress too. :)

Miss Jackson said...

Gorgeous dress!
Love your blog and the great clothes you make - very inspiring!

Paunnet said...

So many nice presents, both the ones you received and the one you sent to a very lucky little girl!
Tiny clothes are so cute!

LiPeony said...

adorable little dress... she's going to be rocking it like her mom. I love your heart inspired clothing line. The picture with the heart over the dress makes me think that making a smaller heart inside a bigger heart on maternity clothing would be so cute!

chloƩ said...

that little dress is so cute!

I've never posted a comment here, so I will use this one to congratulate you on your pregnancy, (and on your blog, I love it!)


Cara said...

That little dress is so cute! I want it in my side.

vivatveritas said...

thank you everyone:) i went to OB doc today and everything is well - im so relieved!


thank you for stopping by and commenting on the post! so glad to hear from you<3

Anonymous said...

That little dress...oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness!! I want one too!

Chie, you should definitely start a baby clothing line ^_^

vivatveritas said...

hi sophia!

i love how the dress turned out as well:) maybe it might be cute to make an adult version of it!