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January 25, 2011

Five lovely things.

I always enjoy reading Emily's (from Cupcake and Cashmere) Friday "Five Things" posts. She posts five lovely things in her life that make her happy. Although it's not Friday, I imitated her and decided to share some lovely things in my life that made me smile this week.

1. Pumpkin square cake in the morning. I recently discovered this simple pumpkin cake recipe from the book I borrowed from a library. This morning I made it for the second time. It is more like muffin than a cake, and goes perfect with a cup of coffee (decaf) in the morning.
2. I finally switched to iPhone! I love it so much. Emails, twitter and etsy convos are made so much easier with this little gadget.

3. Flowers my husband randomly pick up for me. Although he always ended up buying me kind of flowers we give to dead people in Japan (because those flowers are sold everywhere), it still makes me smile! I love how he tries:p

4. I got these Tory Burch flats as a Christmas gift to myself.I love the exaggerated gold medallions. I could not decide whether I should go for regular black or gold medallions for, literally a week. But I finally decided to go for gold, and I'm really happy with it.

5. Free yarns from mom's friend. I got bunch of colorful yarns - pink, orange, red... I feel happy thinking about what I should make with them.


Cindora said...

I really had to smile at point 3 :D But it's the thought that counts and it's a very lovely gesture.

vivatveritas said...


Exactly! :)

Jasmine Iris said...

the iphone is fantastic :)
aww #3 is really is sweet!!


vivatveritas said...


yes in deed! love i phone so much!